Anger is the wind that blows out the lamp of the mind. Ever been angry? Dumb question I know. Imagine a puppy pulls out in front of you in traffic and you slam on the brakes, this is what anger is like. Anger is a physiological form of pulsating arousal that causes our breathing to... Continue Reading →


It feels like a wet blanket on a humid day. It smells like a wet dog. It feels like a rock in your shoe. It looks like a beautiful blue sky day turned gray. It leaks. It creeps through the windows of your heart. It is like water over a sandcastle. It is suffocating. It... Continue Reading →

Kill the cul-de-sac 

Cul-de-sacs stunt growth. To kill the cul-de-sac you have to go back to the beginning to start again. Sometimes reverse is progress. Cul-de-sacs frustrate the one driving and makes passengers car sick. Cul-de-sacs exist so you will not stay there. Choose to exit the cul-de-sac the way you came in and get back on the... Continue Reading →

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