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Dave Scott is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor M.A. with 24 years of experience investing in marriages, families, and individuals through coaching, chaplaincy, counseling, and teaching.

Dave is called to invest in families and marriages. His passion is evident through the years of working with groups, teaching, counseling, and chaplaining. You will find Dave studying, watching videos, or practicing guiding others to better understand one another, communicate more effectively, build trust, enhance identity, and learn to love. People who spend time with Dave will tell you he is caring, warm, understanding, and relationally/emotionally intelligent. He knows how to help you become your best self in order to function in your world at the highest level.

Dave’s training includes a Bachelor’s degree from U.S.F. in Elementary Education, Master’s degree in Clinical Christian Counseling through the National Christian Counselors Association. Dave also is a certified Brain Health Coach through Amen Clinics. In addition, Dave is SYMBIS (saving your marriage before it starts) certified, and a level 2 Gottman Marriage therapist. Finally, Dave is trained in temperament analysis which helps others discover their inborn traits which reveal their spiritual genetics.

Interesting fact: Dave has played the drums for 35 years, been skydiving twice, completed 6 marathons, is adopted, and has the best family in the world.

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

SACC Licensed Temperament Counselor

Certified in Child and Adolescent Therapy

Level 2 Gottman Couples Therapist

Certified Corporate Chaplain

Brain Health Coach

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