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I’m Dave Scott, adopted at 3 months old, raised with my brother from another set of parents by my adoptive parents in a small town of Ocala Florida. I was raised in a home full of opportunity and love with a blue collar father and a fiercely intelligent mother. I was given life and opportunity and I am grateful!

My story like yours has extreme ups and downs. My brother died suddenly at the young age of 24. Grief and I became close friends in my early twenties. Loneliness was my dancing partner for many years. I was saved in life by the relentless grace of Jesus Christ and they eyes of my heart became open around the age of 18. I count my relationship with Jesus as the single reason I’m alive or not in prison today, seriously.

Anger and criticism have been like loud pets in my backroom for all of my life. Anger mostly at myself for any little shortcoming, then criticism like a mockingbird constantly crowing in my inner ear. Although I’m not proud of these shortcomings, it’s important for you to know that I don’t write from a vantage point as one who doesn’t struggle. I know your pain, I know your fear, I know your loneliness, I know your struggle, and I have written these pages to connect with THAT part of you.

I grew up in church but I don’t do churchy stuff very well. Church didn’t save me, Jesus did. I am a living stone and for that reason I am a living part of the church, the family of God that is a worldwide community of the WAY. I am grateful for my local church because it has taught me how to share the good news in a non threatening way. This isn’t a church blog, this is a sandpaper, real person, struggling blog for those who need Jesus and hope.

I have spent years as an educator, a chaplain, a counselor and most important a friend. I am married and have an amazing family built on the foundation of God’s grace. I still struggle, it’s what makes these writings unique and authentic. Sometimes I try to pop a wheelie and other times I feel pain. Through it all I mostly try to block out the noise of my inner critic and my fear of your criticism, honestly it’s like kryptonite. Would you pray for this work that it would have the impact God wants it to have and also please pray that I don’t screw it up.

I love you, He told me tell you.

Dave Scott

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