50 things I’ve learned in 50 years on planet earth

  1. Hardship is a great revealer of who your true friends are. 
  2. If they talk about others with you, they will talk about you when you get up and leave. 
  3. No one grows through comfort and ease. 
  4. Life is a vapor, it can disappear like the morning fog. 
  5. Treat the one you date kindly, you may work for them one day.
  6. Dating in high school is dumb. 
  7. Smartphones aren’t making people smart. 
  8. Groupthink acts just like a virus and can spread through a city, town, or even the whole world even if the information is totally false. 
  9. Misinformation can hit Japan at the same rate your light turns off and on. 
  10. The need for ancient wisdom is at an all-time high. 
  11. Hug an old person then ask them lots of questions then listen. 
  12. Some days will wind up in the loss column, shake it off and move on to the next day. 
  13. Marrying a Latina was the best decision I could have ever made!
  14. Wise counsel begins with understanding.
  15. Where there are many words, trouble is close by.
  16. We have lost our reverential AWE and WONDER of God. 
  17. We have manufactured a Jesus product that is easily communicated and mass-produced in large quantities but lacks the power of the real person. 
  18. Bumper sticker faith will fail you in a time of trial. 
  19. If you have never encountered God, really encountered, I mean can point to a moment in time when you were CHANGED then I doubt you have ever met HIM. 
  20. People will pay a lot of money for counseling and not really want to change. 
  21. Dogs are God’s little messengers to remind you how much HE loves you. 
  22. Cats are God’s little messengers to remind you how complex relationships can be. 
  23. I’m convinced we don’t know what a healthy marriage is. 
  24. I’m convinced we don’t know what healthy parenting is.
  25. Our education system is filling the minds of our youth with math, science, and reading, with little to no input regarding the internal working order of human beings. 
  26. The vacuum created by a sterile education system devoid of any (heart) matters has left a burden on churches and families. 
  27. Churches and families are in severe trouble because the very fabric of their existence is eroding due to popular opinion and thinking creating a wash of small-minded thinking that discounts years of ancient wisdom. 
  28. The moral fabric of our society is no longer substantiated by the belief system of its people which will, in turn, lead to the decay of peace as we know it. 
  29. Unless we return to our roots and discover the ancient biblical wisdom, learn by it, live by it, and allow the living God to guide our doctors, lawyers, politicians, educators, families…we will be taken over by more zealous religious ideologies which will eliminate our freedoms. 
  30. History shows that when people see the government as the hero, they will easily give away their freedoms to government control. 
  31. When I look at those who call themselves followers of Christ, I see little to no difference in the cultural norms of our day. 
  32. Cultural relevance has pared the claws of the Lion of Judah and relegated Him to a domesticated house cat. 
  33. I’m NEVER educated, encouraged, or happier after scrolling my social media feeds….yet I go back again and again. 
  34. Most people have headaches because their halo is too tight. 
  35. Too much of a healthy thing becomes unhealthy. 
  36. Most of our physical problems started as little stresses and worries. 
  37. Self-improvement first starts in the mind, then moves to the pen, then to your feet. 
  38. People are like Crayons, some colorful, some black and white, some broken, some dull. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could use all 64 colors, jump back in the box, and get sharpened from time to time?
  39. We are all enrolled in the University of Earth, some waste it, some learn from it, while others, leak all they learn. 
  40. Strengthening one small area of your life will impact the other areas of your life. 
  41. Not having a tv in your bedroom is a good thing. 
  42. Listening while looking at your phone isn’t listening. 
  43. Safe and faith don’t belong in the same sentence. 
  44. Retirement isn’t mentioned in the Bible. 
  45. Linus drops his blanket only once in the Charlie Brown series, it’s when the words, “fear not” are read aloud as quoted from the Bible. 
  46. We are still carrying our blankets like Linus because we have forgotten what the Bible said about fear. 
  47. Van Halen was better with David Lee Roth than Sammy Hagar. 
  48. Music is supernaturally powerful beyond comparison in accessing the innermost parts of our lives. 
  49. What you stuck in the ground in your teen years will sprout later in life, whether you like it or not. 
  50. God is sovereign and in complete control, YOU are not, HE does whatever HE wants to do and is not limited by your mistakes, failures, or your points of view. He is and will always be the supreme King of everything, you don’t need to be afraid, HE has overcome everything you fear even death itself.

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